EthioTrack GPS is a high-tech company involved in the fields of Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL), GPS navigation, GPS tracking and Fleet Management in Ethiopia. EthioTrack provides complete solutions for business and personal use in tracking, locating and controlling cars using GPS technology. Our GPS devices are reliable and our technology is tested thoroughly. EthioTrack is part of Mulu Technology Group.

What is GPS?

GPS GPS (Global Positioning System) is an advanced space-based navigation system that provides reliable location information in all weather and at all times anywhere on earth. GPS uses a network of satellites for determining the location, speed and direction of cars as they travel. There are 24 GPS satellites that go around the earth, and our GPS devices communicate with these satellites for finding location. Since it is designed to work everywhere, GPS is very accurate in Ethiopia, and can identify any location.

What are GPS tracking systems?

Kiwi GPS tracking systems use GPS technology to locate and track any valuable asset at all times. These can be cars, trucks, taxis, shipping containers, motorcycles or even people. When combined with a mapping software, GPS tracking systems can show where the tracked vehicle is at any given time. GPS tracking systems and fleet management systems are common in the US and Europe. Services such as Carma Monthly Car Subscriptions use fleet management solutions.

What does EthioTrack offer?

EthioTrack offers an Advanced, Easy to Use and Affordable GPS Car Tracking and Fleet Management solution for individuals and businesses in Ethiopia. Our solution can be used for:

  • Business cars
  • Private Cars
  • Busses
  • Motorcycles
  • Minibuses
  • Taxis
  • Trucks
  • Oil Tankers

Kiwi Kiwi Kiwi Kiwi

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