EthioTrack offers an Advanced, Easy to Use and Affordable GPS car tracking solution for individuals and businesses in Ethiopia. Our Ethiopia GPS Fleet Management System is advanced. Our solution consists of two parts:

1. GPS tracking device

Device On each car to be tracked, our mechanics will install a GPS tracking device that records and reports every movement of the vehicle. This device constantly reports the location and speed of the car to a central computer.

2. Car monitoring

Using the information from the tracking device, and our mapping technology, we provide monitoring in three ways:

A. Internet monitoring

Mapping EthioTrack provides a website where our customers can track their vehicles 24 hours/7 days a week with an online map. When a customer logs into the website, our system will show the current locations of all your cars on a detailed map of Ethiopia and East Africa. The map shows not only cities and roads, but also sub-cities and areas (sefers) clearly.

B. Weekly and Monthly Paper Reports

Paper reports In case you do not have access to internet, we will also provide you weekly and monthly printed reports for all your cars. This will provide an easy way to keep up to date with your vehicle usage with no need for network connection.

C. Text Message Monitoring

Text messaging A customer can also use their phone to text message to find current location of their cars. Text message is also used to alert the owner when some events happen to the car.