Monitoring and controlling your cars is a very useful service for your business. GPS tracking and fleet management in Ethiopia has many direct benefits that will be immediately useful to you.

Some of our customers include:

Valued Customer Valued Customer Valued Customer

Some of the features and benefits of our service include:

1. Monitor your driver:

Kiwi You know exactly where your car is at any time. By monitoring your driver at all times, you avoid the misuse of your cars. You can make sure your car goes only to the places want. You can avoid private or unapproved use of your car and improve employee performance, accountability and over all profit by using our technology.

2. Area-crossing alarms:

Kiwi You can make sure your car is used only in the areas you want. Our systems sends you a text message alarm you when your car is outside of an approved area. For example, if you want your car to work only in the Addis Ababa area, you immediately get a Text Message on your phone if the car goes out of Addis Ababa.

3. Theft recovery

Kiwi If your car is ever stolen, GPS tracking can help identify where exactly your car is by using map and minute-by-minute tracking.

4. Reduce fuel cost:

Kiwi GPS tracking systems reduce fuel cost by reducing speeding and unapproved vehicle usage.

5. Make your cars safer:

Kiwi Drivers are more careful when they know they are being monitored. As a result, you can reduce accidents. In addition, if your driver needs assistance, you will know exactly where they are.

6. And Much more!

Kiwi With GPS tracking information in your hand, you can get a lot more benefits, including better customer service, delivery guarantees, fleet optimization and a lot more.